> Cantilever Type




1. Enlarged Column
The enlarged column is strongly ribbed and is especially suitable for heavy-duty grinding.


2. Construction
The table, saddle and base are cast with high grade casting iron and arealso strongly ribbed for the ultimate precision and rigidity.


3. Spindle
The spindle is supported by four front & two rear precision contact angular ball bearings.


4. Excellent Abrasion Resistant Hydralic Slideway
The enlarged, double “V” slidway for the table features a low speed ratio, no shipping/adherence effect and vibration absorption. The hydraulic slideway ensures no friction, no backlash and remarkable precision.


5. Automatic Continuous Lubrication System
All slideways and screws are fully oiled by Automatic Continuous Lubrication System to eliminate wears on slideways & screws. Adopt advanced hydraulic slideway to  extend machine lives.


6. Crossfeed Ballscrew
The saddle cross movementis achieved by a special AC servomotor for the ballscrew transverse.
It features auto rapid cross movement.


7. Switch
Provides a hidden-type, no touch proximity switch for transverse control.
This ensures safe and easy operations.


8. Table Speed Control
The pre-settable hydraulic table speed control allows the operator to pre-set speed rates.This enables the same hydraulic table speed rate-every time.


9. TD Control Panel
Vertical feed powered by an efficient AC servomotor for rapid or slow up / down movement.
It’s also used for micro down feed positioning.
Vertical positioning is displayed on the screen showing present spindle position.
The other digital screen is for setting the start point, rough grinding volume, starting point for finish grinding (finish grinding volume), downfeed volume for finish grinding, target point, rise up point, intermittent spark-out, and for final spark-out.
Cross transverse travel is powered by a AC servomotor. This allows step feeding & continuous infeed grinding. The speed of wheel dressing can be adjusted on the panel.


Enlarge Oil Tank & Cooling System

Patented Preset Table Speed Control

Dressing Attachment (Manual type)




Manual Pulse Generator for Y axis, Z axis

Vertical Linear way, V3 Class Leading Ballscrew for Vertical Movement

Crossfeed AC Servomotor Drive






Vertical AC Servomotor Drive









Electromagnetic Chuck

Coolant System With Magnetic Separator

Auto Paper Feeding Device With Magnetic Separator




Dynamic Balancer

Chuck Control With Demagnetizer

Punch Former




Work Lamp

Balancing Stand (Double Line)



Hydraulic Oil Cooling Device

Roller Type Balancing Stand

Wheel Flange





Digital Readout

Frequency Changer








Table Size


610 x 2060mm (24” x 80”)

Max. Grinding length


2060mm (24”)

Max. Grinding width


610mm (24”)

Max. Distance from Table Surface to spindle Centerline

720mm (28.35”)850mm (33.5”)

Standard Magnetic Chuck Size

600x1000mm (23.6” x 39.4”) x 2pcs

Longitudinal Movement of Table

Max. Travel, Hydraulic

2100mm (82.7”)

Max. Travel, Manual

2150mm (84.6”)

Max. Travel, Infinitely Variable

60HZ (5-25m/min) & 50HZ (5-20m/min)

Wheelhead Crossfeed Transverse Travel

Auto. Transverse Increment(Jog)

1~25mm (0.04”~1”)

Max. Auto. Transverse Travel

660mm (25.98”)

Max. Manual Transverse Travel

685mm (26.96”)

Wheelhead Vertical Infeed(Controlled by Servomotor)

Automatic Infeed

0.001~0.05MM (1~25/10000”)

Step Feed(Jog)

0.001~0.5mm (0.25/10000”)

Rapid Travel, Approx.

460mm (18”)/min

Slow Travel Approx.

6mm (0.25”)/min

Grinding Spindle Drive



Power Rating

Standard 10HP/4P (7.5KW)

Optional 15HP/4P (11.25KW)20HP/4P (15KW)25HP/4P (18.75KW)

Standard Grinding Wheel

Diameter x Width x Bore

400mm(16”) x 50mm(2”) x 127mm(5”)

Hydraulic Motor

Power Rating

10HP/6P (7.5KW)

Crossfeed Motor

Power Rating


Elevating Motor

Power Rating

1.0KW/ Servo

Total Space Required (L x W x H)

7200 x 3500 x 2450mm

(284” x 138” x 97”)


Net Weight

13500 Kgs

Gross Weight

15000 Kgs

Total Power, Approx. (Standard power Rating)

23.5 (17.5KW)

Packing Dimensions

L x W x H mm (inch)

6060 x 2300 x 2540mm (239” x 91” x 100”)